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Our mission at Studio 360 is to provide the Williamsburg area with high quality instruction from experienced BJJ, Thai Boxing and Judo practitioners. To encourage individuals and families as they learn and grow in Martial Arts and physical fitness while leading to a healthier and positive lifestyle. Using clear and concise methods of teaching we utilize philosophies and techniques from the roots of the traditional martial arts and the modern styles.

At Studio 360 we promote an open learning environment, treating all with an equal level of respect and importance. We cultivate a fun, safe learning culture with supportive and cooperative training partners. As Martial Artist we understand the importance of respect for all things and people, work to put forth our best and maintain a constant effort to better ourselves. We work to our full capability to understand concepts and have the ability to apply them not only in Martial Arts training, but in our daily life. Martial arts is a journey one embarks on as an individual but realizes that it takes a group to help us work towards those goals, the improvement of one leads to strength for the unit as a whole.  

What is in a name?

"Every action, every word, teaches the belief system that motivates it. What did you teach today?"

We are all leaders, we all have the ability to impact, influence and make a difference. Utilizing a 360-degree leadership style we believe that we all learn from one another creating a full circle. As instructors we continue to learn and grow from the feedback and contributions of our students. We strive to make our classes adaptable and easy to follow by all.

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