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With over 60 years experienced combined

Mike is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt

Pete is the highest ranking Judo Instructor/Practitioner in the area at    6th degree Black Belt 

and Marissa is the only Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt female in the area. 

Mike Crawford 

- Co-Owner Studio 360

- Head Adult BJJ Coach

- Co-Head Thai Boxing Coach

- Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt (2008) 

- Muay Thai - 13 Years

- Boxing 8 Years

- Certified Level II US Army Combatives Instructor






Mike started his training in 1995.  He was awarded his blue belt from Royce Gracie, purple and brown belts from Pedro Sauer and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt from Fernando Yamasaki in 2008. He has been involved in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and various martial arts forms for over 20 years to include Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, Army Combatives and Self-Defense. He has competed and placed in numerous world level tournaments.

Mike is a very passionate instructor that never allows a learning opportunity to be missed. He has years of experience teaching children and adults in Jiu-Jitsu and Thai-Boxing. He taught for many years at his previously owned academy, U.S. Army groups at Fort Lee and Fort Eustis and to elite groups of the U.S. Military at Naval Special Warfare. He’s coached his students to winning world level Jiu-Jitsu competitions, and mixed martial arts fights.

Jiu-Jitsu, Thai Boxing, Judo, Self Defense, Martial Arts, Youth Martial Arts, Youth Jiu-Jitsu

John Marcinek


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt

USMC Certified Close Combat Instructor

John has been practicing some form of the grappling arts since junior high school wrestling.  During his time in the USMC he was a certified close combat instructor and started practicing BJJ seriously in 2012.  


He is a Midori Yama Budokai 1st degree black belt and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belt through Rigan Machado.  He won the IBJJF Pan and World Masters Championships as a blue belt in 2017 and the World Masters Championships as a purple belt in 2018 where he also finished 3rd in the Masters Absolute division. 

Willie Abney Jr.

Jiu-Jitsu, Thai Boxing, Judo, Self Defense, Martial Arts, Youth Martial Arts, Youth Jiu-Jitsu

-3rd degree Judo Black Belt (2022)

-Coaching Level 2 Certified

-Safe Sports Certified

-Head Up Certified

Willie Abney, Jr. started Judo in 1997 at Hwang Martial Arts School in Hamden, CT. He competed in 1998, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, and 2006. 

He has earned a 2nd degree black belt in Judo and has 3 years of training in Kuntao. He has trained in Judo clinics with Olympians Jimmy Pedro (Bronze Medalist '08), Taraje Williams ('04 and '08), and Kayla Harrison ('12 and '16 Gold Medalist). 

Willie moved to Virginia in 2010 and continued training with the College of William and Mary Judo Club for 2 years. He later started a Judo club at Zumba Martial Arts for 4 years. He then met Pete MAntel and together they started the Williamsburg Judo Club. He continues to improve his Judo training while attending Greatest Camp on Earth Judo Camp yearly from 2015-2018. 


2001- 3rd place in Nutmeg State Games in CT

2002- 2nd place in CT. State Championship

2003- 1st place in Nutmeg State Games in CT

2005- 2nd Place in Masters Division Nutmeg State Games in CT

2006- 3rd place in CT State Championship


- Assistant to the Owners

- Assistant Office Manager

- Assistant to the Coaches

Everleigh is the youngest member of our team and began coaching at just 3 weeks of age. You will often find her riding in a backpack carrier on her mom (Coach Marissa) during classes or crawling around the mats and drilling during open mat. She helps to demonstrate movements and coaches at tournaments. While she hasn't earned any belt levels yet, she will surely let you know what she thinks of your technical abilities by the look on her face. When Everleigh is not managing the gym she enjoys spending time with her "doggie" and "cats"

Jiu-Jitsu, Thai Boxing, Judo, Self Defense, Martial Arts, Youth Martial Arts, Youth Jiu-Jitsu

Marissa Talley

- Co-Owner Studio 360

- Studio 360 Office Manager

- Head Youth and Teens BJJ Coach

- Co-Head Thai Boxing Coach

- Head Self-Defense Instructor

- Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt (2019)

- Muay Thai- 4 years

- Kali/Wing Chun- 2 years

- Certified Level II US Army Combatives Instructor

Marissa Talley is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and has been training since 2003. During 2004 and 2005 she medaled in numerous divisions and weight classes across the United States. In 2010, she competed at several local tournaments achieving gold medals and 2011 earning silver in the world level Abu Dhabi Trials competition, purple/brown/black belt division.


In addition to her own training and competition experience Marissa has produced multiple gold medal achievers coaching children and adults alike since the age of 17. She has had the opportunity to teach Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Self-Defense and Army combatives at various schools having the ability to create curriculums and run her own programs. She has instructed military personnel to include an AIT group at Fort Eustis, assisted Level 1 classes at Caserma Ederle, female soldiers at Ft. Stewart, and children of military personnel at Hunter Army Airfield.



She has spent her years learning under tier one Jiu-Jitsu associations, Royce Gracie, Pedro Sauer and Yamasaki. She’s also had opportunities to train with high level jiu-jitsu practitioners such as Rickson Gracie, Royce Gracie, Rodrigo Gracie, Relson Gracie, Kron Gracie, Pedro Sauer, George St. Pierre, De La Riva and many more.


Marissa is a registered nurse and certified pediatric nurse that also has a Bachelors in Early Childhood Development. Since 2010 she has volunteered with an animal rescue group, Operation Paws for Home and is an avid dog lover/rescuer. In her free time she enjoys various activities to stay in shape, running, biking, strength and conditioning, exploring and spending time with her family and pets.

Jiu-Jitsu, Thai Boxing, Judo, Self Defense, Martial Arts, Youth Martial Arts, Youth Jiu-Jitsu

Pete Mantel

-Head Judo Coach

-6th degree Judo Black Belt (2018)

-United States Judo Association President








Peter Mantel started judo in 1975 at Lee's Judo Club in Pacifica, CA at the ripe old age of 6, and never stopped. He competed almost every weekend and grew to love it. His parents would not let him play football or baseball, yet allowed him to get thrown on his head repeatedly.

Pete joined the US Coast Guard in 1986 and continued his judo career at Santa Rosa Junior College under the direction of Terry Kelly. He was eventually connected with Phil Porter who ran the National Judo Institute in Colorado Springs, CO. Pete was the first active duty Coast Guard member to be stationed in Colorado specifically training for the 1992 Olympics. Although he did not make the team, he was asked by 1988 Olympic Medallist Lynn Roethke to be her training partner for the Barcelona games.

Pete was transferred to Long Beach, CA where he was stationed aboard ship and trained in Vladivostok, Russia during a patrol. He trained briefly with Hayward Nishioka at Long Beach State.

Pete ended up back in the Bay Area in the mid 90's where he trained with Terry Kelly again and began coaching other athletes with great success. He is credited with training an elite athlete who was ranked in the top 5 of the USA.

He also trained, coached and competed in San Diego, CA with Gene Mauro and fought in the Master's World Championships in Londonderry, Ireland in 2002. He took a gold medal at the Master's Goodwill Games in Mississigua, Canada as well.

Pete ended up in Virginia in the summer of 2003 where he stood up the Coast Guard Judo club in Yorktown, VA. He trained with a team of 8-10 with magnificent results. He coached and competed in many local, state, regional, national and international events for almost 10 years. He coached an elite athlete from a white belt in just 2 years and led a team of strong fighters to place in every tournament they competed in.


Pete’s personal competition highlights include:

2005 US Senior Nationals Master's division-Bronze

2008 US Senior Nationals Master's division-Silver

2008 Continental Crown Senior's division- 5th

2009 Fall Classic and National Ladder Tournament- Gold

2009 World Master's Judo Championships- Bronze


Pete routinely coached while between matches. His students also took medals at National events. He has trained with many Olympians and is a member of the Coaching Committee for the US Judo Association. He earned his 5th degree black belt in July of 2004.







Jiu-Jitsu, Thai Boxing, Judo, Self Defense, Martial Arts, Youth Martial Arts, Youth Jiu-Jitsu

Assistant Coaches

Adult Jiu-Jitsu

-Scott Stagner- Jiu-Jitsu purple belt

-James Bruce- Jiu-Jitsu purple belt

-Kristian Jetting- Jiu-Jitsu purple belt

-Kyle Wells- Jiu-Jitsu purple belt


Youth Jiu-Jitsu

-Kristian Getting- Jiu-Jitsu purple belt

-James Bruce- Jiu-Jitsu purple belt

-Alec Cook- Jiu-Jitsu purple belt



-Taru- Judo Black Belt

-Ken Stevens- Judo Brown Belt

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