Membership Pricing


Youth: 110 per month/95 military/police/fire/ems discount

Adults: 125 per month/110 military/police/fire/ems discount

Judo ONLY (any age): 100 per month

Wrestling is conducted by Williamsburg Wrestling Club contact them for pricing and season dates/ages


Discounts for multiple family members

2nd member- $25 off the 1st price

3rd member- $15 off 2nd price

4th member and up- $10 off 3rd price

Additional $35 monthly if you add Judo to your BJJ membership

Late Fees: Once you are 5 days late there will be a 10% late fee charge. Once the first late fee is charged we will require those members to enroll in automatic withdrawal. 

Cancellation Notice: We do not have contracts, but require a 30 day cancellation notice/and or pause notice for our students going home for breaks. 

Private and group training available as individual sessions or packages, please contact for details. 

White or Blue gi is required for Judo Class

Judo class requires United States Judo Associate Membership ($60 yearly)